Big W has released an ADORBS Harry Potter range for bubs

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Wingardium levio-so cute! 

Big W has graced us with the ability to live out our Harry Potter fantasies – raising our very own little witch or wizard. 

The extended range landed in-stores and online as part of BIG W's annual Baby Event that is running from the 31st January and until the 13th February.

The products range from $12 to $22, so you won’t have to break the bank to dress your bubba up as one of Hogwart’s finest students.


Some products include a quidditch jersey, Gryffindor beanie, and adorable Hogwarts shoes - honestly, we’re a bit obsessed. 

The Harry Potter range was a huge hit last year, so they’re likely to fly off (ha) shelves pretty quickly – so get in before they disapparate! 

Cos, c’mon. Look at this bubba’s face.

Who doesn’t want a baby to dress as a tiny witch or wizard? 

To look at the full range, check out the products here

Image: Supplied


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