Aldi shoppers warned not to purchase tap after reports of poisoning

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Up to 12K households across Australia might be affected by toxic taps being sold at Aldi - shoppers are being warned to steer clear

Shop at Aldi?

Be careful.

A Chinese-made tap being sold at the budget shopping outlet is making headlines this morning, with shoppers warned to steer clear after it was found to contaminate water with 15 times the safe limit of lead.

Tests done in Queensland on the product revealed the shocking results - even after previously being cleared after coming in at 9.5 times UNDER the lead limit.

People who have bought the tap are being warned not to cook with or drink water coming from the tap.

The product is being sold for $79.99 and is thought to be installed in more than 12K households across Australia.

Melbourne's IAPMO R&T Oceana tehcnical adviser, Glenn Tate told the Daily Mail - 

“Everything we have on file indicates the product fully complies. It looks 100 per cent kosher.”

Australian Competition and Consumer Commission has started their own investigations, warning against the tap.

“If there is a risk that consumer goods may cause injury the ACCC expects suppliers and manufacturers to put voluntary recalls in place to protect consumers.”

High levels of lead can be harmful - with unborn babies, infants and young children under five at highest risk.

Written By Emily Whitham

"This is an absolutely despicable act."

Bondi Shark

"You don't see this at Bondi often."

Lisa Wilkinson

"It’s really, really, really wrong."