Kate Ritchie was this guest's first kiss and he still remembers how she tasted

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KTM_Kate and Samuel Johnson in Home & Away

The pair locked lips when they were 15 on 'Home & Away'. 

First kisses are awkward AF. 

Where do you put your hands? Mouth open or closed? How much tongue is too much tongue? Should you open your eyes? What if you both open your eyes at the same time? 

Urgh, we're haunted by the memories. 

It's bad enough if your first kiss happens somewhere exposed, like at a school disco, or on the family couch - but imagine if your first lip-on-lip action was not only in front of a crowd of people, but filmed and broadcast around the world.

As a child star on Home & Away playing the girl-next-door Sally Fletcher, Kate experienced some onscreen smackeroos with none other than Dancing With The Star’s Samuel Johnson. 

The Gold Logie winner played bad boy Gus Bishop on the soap and shared a fleeting romance with Kate’s character, Sally.

Check out their adorbs smooch:

So when Samuel came into the studio for a game of Quickdraw, Tim and Marty couldn’t resist bringing up the footage. 

“I’d like to direct your attention to the screens because we have a moment here where Kate Ritchie and Sam had their first on-air kiss!” announced Tim with glee. 

"Aww look at you Kate Ritchie!” Samuel marvelled, before launching into a string of Gus’ lines from the show. 

“Oh, he still remembers it!” Kate laughed, before Samuel shared the reason the scene has been branded in his memory:

“You know I had not kissed a girl before that moment,” he revealed. “It’s not just my first screen kiss, it’s my first actual kiss."

Both were “about 15” at the time. 

“Can I be creepy? I remember how she tasted 20 years ago. Like strawberries and cream, mate. I mean that in a good way.”

“You tasted like a lolly. And you were so nice to me, I was terrified. Thank you for looking after me.”

Kate, a little lost for words, told him: "That is the nicest thing anyone has ever said to me in this studio." 

Cute or creepy - you decide. 

Written By Brynn Davies

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