Tim Accuses Kate Of Cheating In 'The Hills' Edition Of Spin It DJ

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"This is a conspiracy!"

There has never been an edition of Spin It DJ more suited to Tim than this one. Except maybe the Guitar edition...

It's The Hills Edition to mark the return of everyone's* favourite reality show. 

*Just Tim. 

Tim's even wearing a "The Hills"-inspired t-shirt. It says, 'She will always be known as the girl who didn't go to Paris..', referencing the iconic reality TV moment when Lauren Conrad chose her boyfriend Jason over going to Paris to further her fashion career. 


Watch Kate & Tim go head-to-head to see who's the bigger fan of 'The Hills'

The Hills: New Beginnings premiered on Tuesday 25 June on MTV at 12pm, with a replay at 9pm. 

Catch up on last week's Sesame Street edition, where Marty got a bit flustered when he took control of the desk!

Written By Madeline Muir
Madeline Muir_Nova

And it's a battle for the ages!

KTM_Age Game Biscuits

Can Marty & Kate guess how old these biscuit classics are? 

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Now, that's a pretty dodgy move.