Spin It DJ 'Weather' Edition

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We're taking a break from the usual Spin It DJ inspo and embracing the good ol' fresh air, team!

As we embark on the final weeks of Spin of DJ for 2018, the guys have decided to shake things up a little bit - and we're all for it!

Last week, Tim and Kate faced off in the 'Cameo' edition, where, despite Kate's best efforts - Tim managed to steal the win 3-1.

But this time around, Spin It DJ has moved away from its usual 'show inspo' and embraced the beauty of the great outdoors!

Guys and gals, are you ready for the 'Weather' edition?

Check out how it all went down below!

Written By Rosanna Lamotta
spin it dj animated

One of Producer Jess' finest!


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