Kate Ceberano vs. Kate Ritchie in Quick Draw

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It's a battle of the Kate's gang!

If there's one thing we're sure of...  It's that Kate will come out victorious!

This week our very own Kate Ritchie went up against Kate Ceberano for another classic game of Quick Draw.

And as the current score board lies, Kate Ritchie is dominating the guests 12-7 after coming in fresh from her win against 'The Presets' last week. But will Australia's priestess of pop, prove to be a real game-changer and give her a run for her money?

Check it out..

Written By Rosanna Lamotta

The new buzzers are in and the guys are ready to play!

We're all about those fresh hits, gang!

We know he has a way with words but does he have what it takes to conquer Kate?