Jockey Michelle Payne Is Kate’s Quick Draw Pick

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And it's a battle for the ages!

It’s Kate’s turn to pick her opponent in Quick Draw, and this one’s been a long time coming.

Michelle Payne made history back in 2015 as the first female jockey to win the Melbourne Cup on Prince of Penzance.

She’s also a massive fan of the show!


Can Michelle overcome all odds - again! - and beat Kate Ritchie at her own game?

Watch the full video!

‘Ride Like A Girl’ is directed by Aussie A-lister Rachel Griffiths and is the story of Michelle’s dream to win the Melbourne cup.

She’s portrayed by Aussie actress Teresa Palmer, and Sam Neill as her father Paddy.

In cinemas around Australia on September 26. Check out the trailer!


Written By Madeline Muir
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