Here's everything we know about Ariana Grande's new album

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We are ready!

We cannot wait for Ariana Grande's new album to drop, and she's finally given us some details, so GET EXCITED.

QUEEN Ariana has been dropping hints all over the place, and while co-hosting the Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon, she spilled a whole lot of details on the new record!

It's called 'Sweetener'.

Ariana revealed the title of the new album, and has tweeted it as well. Explaining the meaning behind it, she has said "It’s kind of about bringing light to a situation or to someone’s life or somebody else who brings light to your life or sweetening the situation”.

Ariana also 'grammed an image with the title as the caption back in November, 2016 so maybe she's had this title in mind for quite some time!


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It's coming out on July 20th.

Ariana has mentioned the album being released in the Summer (our Winter). She let slip that she'll be “doing something special on every 20th” up until the album release, which will occur three times, so fans are now expecting it to come out on July 20.

Who she's worked with on the album.

She told Jimmy Fallon that she has collaborated with producers Pharrell Williams, Max Martin, Ilya, and Savan Kotecha on the forthcoming record.

Pharell Williams has also tweeted the song title, 'Sweetener'.


The tracklist.

She has already tweeted the title “R.E.M.”. on Twitter and mentioned this again in the interview as one of the tracks on the album.

Ariana revealed that the album intro is a song called 'Raindrops' which is a cover of a small part from a ‘50s song called 'An Angel Cried' by the Four Seasons.

What's more is that she recalled finding out after recording the tune that it was written by Charlie Callelo, her grandfather's best friend that she grew up hanging out with in Boca along with Bob Gaudio from The Four Seasons.

She said that finding this out gave her "goosebumps".

She also mentioned: "There is another song called ‘The Light Is Coming’ that I love a lot ...and then there’s one called ‘God Is A Woman' that I love.”
The singer said her Nonna has heard the new music and that she loves “God Is A Woman”, saying "I'll ask her, 'Hey Nonna, what do you think of my single? Do you like No Tears Left To Cry?' She was like, 'I love it...but you know Ariana, can we listen to God Is A Woman again?'"
And while they're not in order, Ariana has left clues to her new track list hidden in her video for No Tears Left To Cry.


So basically we can't wait.

Another bit of information for the fans: Ariana will also be performing at the Billboard Awards!

See the interview where she gives all the details below!

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