This Is What REALLY Happened On Andy Lee’s Date With Lily Allen

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"It was bloody awkward!”

Yesterday, Andy Lee revealed to Fitzy and Wippa that he not only dated British singer Lily Allen, BUT wrote a song about the time they spent together!

And, while the boys managed to get a few juicy deets out of Andy (including the superstar serenading him at one of her shows) they brought the funny-man back on air this morning to reveal what it was REALLY like to date the celebrity.

"When we met up after the show, she wasn't [by herself]. In fact, we got driven home by the music rep, a guy called Glen and so it felt like we got picked up from the school formal and he dropped me at my house and then kept going" - Andy said.

"So, we had to kind of like sneak a little kiss while he's in the front seat trying to look forward... It was bloody awkward. But then we caught up again in Sydney and there was no bodyguard, nothing like that" - he added.

But, as we all know, every good love song has to have come from a little heartbreak and for Andy, 'Little Things' was just that!

The 'Talking About Your Generation' star wrote the tune after Lily continued with her overseas tour, and one thing he wasn't expecting was for the 'Smile' singer to get back in touch:

“It was a couple of years later, and I had moved on. I was dating someone else and I got a call and it was Lil, and she’s like’ hey I’m back in the country’. I think she was playing ‘Splendour’ or something, and I went outside and had to pretend I wasn’t on the phone to another chick” - Andy revealed.

“She said, 'do you want to come and see a show?' and I said ‘oh, I’m with someone else now I’m not sure if that would be an appropriate thing’. But I don’t think there was anything there or anything, I think she was just out here, probably [sic] I was one of the few people she knew" - He added.

Despite things not working out between the two, Andy managed to find love with model Rebecca Harding, and she happens to find the song he wrote hilarious!

“It just shows how confident Bec is in the relationship, she knows I’m not going anywhere, she knows how in love with her I am because she just finds this thing hilarious. I’m hoping for a slither of jealously but it’s just not forthcoming at all” - Andy shared.

We mean, if that isn’t true love, we don’t know what is!

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