Truth Behind Bachie Star Monique’s Relationship With Fellow Contestants

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Well, this was unexpected.

This morning, Monique caught up with Fitzy and Wippa to spill the tea on EVERYTHING that went down during her time on The Bachelor.

While it’s no secret that Mon might have some enemies (do we seriously need to remind you of the whole ‘c-bomb- incident?).

As it turns out,  Mon isn’t the biggest fan of some of the other girls either.

When asked whether her fellow housemates are people she’d normally associate with, the reality star responded:

“The girls involved with drama aren’t the kind of girls I usually hang around with."

And, while we don’t blame Mon for wanting to distance herself from it all, one friendship that really surprised her was her relationship with Rachael:

“You know what’s funny, I actually wasn’t friends with her [Rachael] before this whole situation and now we have bonded", she added.

The blonde bombshell also revealed where the Matt drama REALLY came from and tbh, it kinda makes more sense now:

"The drama actually wasn’t stemmed originally from me being upset about him kissing.”

“It was the fact that we had these amazing women in the house who started to feel less worthy because they weren’t getting conversations and left out, ‘cause [sic]  they hadn’t spoken to him since the red carpet, Monique said.

Hey, you can’t argue with standing up for your fellow gals - right, gang?

Lead Image: The Bachelor/Channel 10


Written By Rosanna Lamotta


She kept Timm's ring!

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