Russell Crowe admits to pranking Nicole Kidman on the set of Boy Erased

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And it’s pretty funny 

And it’s pretty funny 

Russell Crowe is best known for his work as an actor but what you might not know about Rusty is he’s quite the prankster. 

While talking to Fitzy and Wippa, Russell admitted to pranking Nicole Kidman on the set of their movie Boy Erased. 

“I did this thing where I kept mentioning her stellar work in BMX bandits, kept bringing it up with various members of the crew when she was in earshot. And she was like ‘Can you stop doing that?’,” Russell told Fitzy and Wippa. 

BMX Bandits is a very 80s very Australian film about BMX riders who get involved with crime. 

The film stars a very young, VERY red-headed Nicole and it’s pretty funny, not gonna lie. 

So how did Russell bring the prank home? 

He promised Nicole he would stop talking about the movie, “And the next day she turned up to the set and most of the crew were wearing BMX bandits t-shirts,” he said. 


But Russell insisted he had nothing but good intentions. 

“I did keep playing pranks on her because she’s my Nikki and I like to make her laugh,” Russell said. 

Cute, right? 

“What these people don’t realise about Nicole is it’s very easy to get her laughing and once you get her giggling she starts snorting and then everybody else starts laughing, so she’s like the gift that keeps on giving, you just gotta get her on a roll.” 

Yep, Russell has a cheeky streak in him. 

We just really wanna hear Nicole Kidman snort. 


We just ‘ADORE’ having Amy Shark in Nova’s Red Room. Check it out below, it’s a lot better than our pun.

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Written By Krisinda Merhi