Ray Meagher slams claims he’s leaving Home & Away

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Ray Meagher

"Some people call that magazine ‘No Idea’!"

Home & Away star Ray Meagher made headlines on Monday after New Idea claimed “the beloved star is leaving [Summer] Bay!” Unsurprisingly, this got a lot of people all worked up, especially considering the star is the longest-serving actor in an Australian TV series.

The actor, who many know for playing Alf Stewart, spoke to Nova's Fitzy and Wippa on Wednesday morning to confirm he's only leaving the Bay for a few weeks to perform in Priscilla Queen of the Desert in Brisbane.

Fitzy questioned Ray about whether or not the actor would be leaving Home and Away:

“We pick up New Idea and we read this story that you’re giving up Home & Away after 30 years, ‘Alf is leaving Summer Bay’.”

Ray quickly joked:

“Look, far be it from me to poke fun at anything, but some people call that magazine ‘No Idea’!

“Now, I would never do that personally I’m saying some people do. But no, I think they got it right… I think it said ‘Leaving the Bay for a while’.”

Wippa added that the country was pretty worried about the idea of Ray leaving:

“Panic set through Australia yesterday when we only read half the headline, we didn’t know what to think! So you can confirm Ray Meagher is not leaving the Bay?”

Ray joked: 

Wip, I’d like to roll you back a bit… ‘Panic set through Australia’? Come on!”

Ray told the boys he’s taking a few weeks off to do Priscilla Queen of the Desert, where he’s playing the mechanic, Bob, who Ray describes as “Alf on Valium” or on the flip side, “Alf is like Bob on steroids”.

So, never fear Home & Away fans, your beloved Alf won't be leaving anytime soon.

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