Rap Battle: Wippa VS Dino From MAFS

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This will be err... INTERESTING!

Remember when we said we’d never get over the fact that Wippa hooked up with Mel from 'Married At First Sight Australia'?

Well, we decided it was time for the two men vying over Mel’s heart to battle it out in the best way we know how…. RAP!

But before the boys could drop the beat, the team grilled Wippa and Mel about their past relationship and let's just say Mel dropped a major 'cheating' bombshell:


Yep! And with that all out in the open, the rap battle was taken to ULTIMATE heights! Seriously... Mel's new husband Dino went to town on Wippa!

But who will impress her the most... The old flame or the new one?

Check it out below:

Written By Rosanna Lamotta

Can he pull it off?

"I have to tell her to be patient"

"You were just a loser on Big Brother"