Mike From MAFS Comes Clean About Dating The Daughter Of The World’s Hottest Grandma

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“She is a great looking girl”

In the final commitment ceremony of Married At First Sight Australia, Heidi and Mike read out their final vows and decided to stay together… Or so we all thought!

Despite both MAFS stars admitting to being in very much in love with each other, Fitzy and Wippa weren’t convinced they made it work and took the first opportunity to grill Mike when he came into the studio this morning!


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When asked what happened after the exchange of their vows, Mike revealed that Heidi had organised a move to the Gold Coast:

“Heidi went to Melbourne to organise her bits and then she moved up to the Gold Coast where we are living happily ever after”.

But, still not convinced, the team decided to roast the MAFS star on a rumour going around that he and the daughter of the world’s hottest grandma were well, an item:

“Hey, don’t get me wrong she is a great looking girl and I’m sure she’s a lovely person but I have nothing to do with her” –  he said.


While Mike admitted to knowing Casey, he denied kissing the beauty and wouldn’t classify her as a good friend:

“I had a dinner with about 12 other people and she happened to be there, I suppose they said well hang on this is a good sort, and there’s Mike over there… You’ll never see a photo of us together”.

Well, there you have it… Although we still think we’ll need to watch the reunion before we rule anything out!

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Written By Rosanna Lamotta


“I was scream-crying on the floor!”

Congratulations, guys!!!