Mike FINALLY Admits He’s Not With Heidi Anymore

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“You can have her”

The relationship status of Mike and Heidi from ‘Married At First Sight Australia’ has been one question Australia’s been DYING to know, and now, we finally have the answer!

Mike, alongside Jess, Dan, Ning, Cam, Jules, Billy and Melissa, attended Fitzy and Wippa’s MAFS Dinner Party at Studio Sydney Tower last night and let’s just say, things went from 0-100 real quick!

The boys brought out the infamous ‘Honesty Boxes’ (you’re welcome) and when Billy was asked who he would've loved to be paired with, things got a little awkward:

“Who do I wish I was partnered with? Heidi for sure… Show her what a man was” -  Billy said.

But it doesn’t stop there, Mike (who didn’t seem to be too happy with the answer) came out flying with this one-liner:

“You can have her”

Now, if this isn’t enough evidence to convince you the two are in splitsville, Mike also refused to facetime Heidi at the dinner party last night – which you have to admit, shouldn’t be a problem if they’re still together, right?

But hey don’t take our word for it, check out everything that went down at the EPIC dinner party below!


Written By Rosanna Lamotta