Matt Agnew Reveals The Real Reason He Saved Monique From Elimination

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In case you missed last night's episode of The Bachelor, Abbie told Matt that Monique called him a "dog c***" and a "dis-respectful pig" for getting his pash on at a cocktail party.

And yes, it did not go down well.

Like, at all.

Despite basically half the mansion admitting the words came out of her mouth, (and in a serious, non-joking context) Mon denied dropping the c-bomb and Matt was left well, very confused by it all.

Alas, Monique still got a rose, Julia got the boot and Australia was very peeved off about it all.

This morning, Fitzy and Wippa caught up with Matt to find out what was REALLY going through his head at the time.

And tbh, it all kinda makes sense now.

Hear him defend his decision to save Mon here:

Lead Image: The Bachelor/ Channel 10

Written By Rosanna Lamotta

“The risk is around 2 o’clock.”


Unlucky, De Groot!