The MAJOR Error In Married At First Sight Last Night

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Did you spot it?

While much of the focus on last night’s episode of Married At First Sight was the explosive break-up between Susie and Billy, our attention was also focused on the Tamara and Dan’s catch-up with her family.

On the show, Tamara’s family had compiled some tough questions for the cheating groom – but it looks like they have a bit of help from the producers.

A shot of the questions Tamara’s Aunt had compiled shows the curly questions have been edited by someone. And the edits, which include changing the word “show” to “experiment” look suspiciously like they were made by the production team.

In fact, some questions have been scribbled out altogether, including one about comments Dan’s friends had made to them at the wedding.

The bombshell comes amid about ten million others involving Dan after he cheated on Tamara with Jess in recent episodes.

As for Jess, she hasn’t held back about her opinions, revealing to Fitzy & Wippa that Dan is a “good kisser”.


Written By Cassie Crofts