MAFS Star Tamara Reveals How She Really Feels About Dan and Jess

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Spill that tea. 

In case you missed last night’s commitment ceremony on Married At First Sight, Jess and Dan shocked the group by announcing they’re together, and let’s just say things didn’t go down well.

Like, at all.

The new couple came into the studio to chat to Fitzy & Wippa about their new relationship explaining that he "genuinely thought she [Tamara] wouldn't care."

Only, she kind of did.

'Cause Tamara ALSO spoke to Nova's Fitzy & Wippa and revealed that in reality, she was “completely blindsided”.

"I was upset," she told Nova.

"It wasn't because I was heartbroken... It was more the fact that... everybody was like, 'We love that you have this mutual respect for each other'... 

“There wasn't any respect. I wanted to go home for weeks and weeks."

"Dan has had the decency to reach out," she continued.

"He's apologised numerous times. With Jessica on the other hand..."

Watch the full chat below:

Written By Ally Parker

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