MAFS Star Susie Hits Back At All The Haters

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“These things kept happening and I just couldn’t take it. I was in an emotional psycho thing”.

In case you missed it, things between Susie and Billy got pretty heated in last night’s episode of Married At First Sight Australia!

The couple, who were spending the week at Billy’s home in Byron got into a massive argument after Susie accused her husband of lying multiple times. And, well, it basically resulted to Billy in tears and kicking Susie out of his house (intense – right?).

Since then, Susie received major backlash for her treatment of Billy and this morning, she spoke to Fitzy and Wippa to share her side of the story.

The newlywed revealed that there’s more to the fall-out than what was shown to us on TV, and (surprise, surprise) about a fifth of what happens is actually portrayed to us on the show:

“When I watched it, it wasn’t great but obviously all I can say is there’s obviously a lot to it. You don’t just crack over whether someone surfed yesterday or a month ago, there’s a lot of build-ups you don’t see”- Susie told the guys.

“That's what it was like constantly, that’s why I was struggling, that’s why I lost it on the couch, that’s why the surfing trip turned into a disaster because these things kept happening and I just couldn’t take it. I was in an emotional psycho thing” – She added.



The bride also revealed she was upset with how she’d been portrayed throughout the series, saying it’s “not very nice” or who she is:

“If I didn’t know what was going on I’d think the same, it looks absolutely awful. But the thing just is that’s not who I am, until you are in that position you don’t know what is going to happen and a fifth of what happens is shown. Unfortunately, it’s all my bad points so I can’t change what has been shown, it is what it is.”

And, as for her rumoured relationship with football player Todd Carney? Susie refused to comment on the situation but at this point of the show, nothing would seriously surprise us!


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