MAFS star Sam addresses rumours he hooks up with Ines

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“She was keen last night wasn’t she?”

Married At First Sight Australia is known for two things: drama and drama. 

Only one week into the season, and there’s already been nasty name calling, a run away groom and an intense screaming match (or five). 

With the couples all taking things to the next stage of their relationship (hello Matt losing his V-card) there’s already a lot of talk about which couples will make it through and which won’t. 

While talking to Fitzy and Wippa this morning, Sam Ball spilled the beans on whether he trades in current Wife Elizabeth Sobinoff for fellow MAFS star Ines Basic (yes, that’s really her last name).

Sam admitted to the boys that  “There’s not really much of a connection there” with Elizabeth and that we'll just have to see what happens next. 

Ines seemed pretty keen on Sam in last nights episode of the show calling him “THAT hot.”

Which we think basically means he’s.. really hot. 

When asked about Ines getting hot under the collar Sam responded,  “She was keen last night wasn’t she? It’s a bit embarrassing isn't it?”’

Deflecting a bit there, mate? 

We’re not sure what’s gonna happen with Ines but Sam did admit he’s got his eye on ANOTHER woman. 

“Martha’s a beautiful girl, I think she’s great,” he said. 

“She’s beautiful, Oh, Martha would be lovely.”

But Sam also admitted “They’re very happy– Michael and Martha seem like a great couple so I wouldn't intrude on that, there’s no way.”

So props to him for being a respectable genuine dude. 

Or at least for now- no one but the MAFS gods really know what’s gonna go down on the show in the next few weeks. 

“I can’t say too much but I think there’s gonna be a lot of fireworks and a lot of drama,” Sam shared. “So it’s gonna be full on.”

And the BIG question: will he decide to do the wife swaperoo? 

“We just got to see what happens,” he said. 


Images: Married At First Sight / Channel Nine. 




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Written By Krisinda Merhi