MAFS Star Martha Reveals The Truth Behind Ines’s ‘New’ Look

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She’s known for conspiring and stirring the pot in Married At First Sight Australia, and this morning, Martha joined Fitzy and Wippa to spill the tea on everything that’s gone down during the show.

The newlywed opened up about all the Cyrell drama and even admitted her regret in telling Jessika to well, kinda pursue another man.

But one thing Martha also cleared up, was the rumours surrounding fellow MAFS star Ines undertaking plastic surgery – which as it turns out, didn’t actually happen:

And, after everything that went down for Ines during the show, Martha gave us an update on how she’s doing:

“She’s really good, she’s really good now, I think there was a moment there where she wasn’t doing as well, but she’s really good now. I think she’s got some trust issues, she’s not trusting anyone at the moment, especially with her edit and the show but I mean, we got to ride it out” - she told us.



The boys also grilled Martha on an Instagram Story Ines posted over the weekend (where she was basically pulling her top off and told people to show their dad) and we have to admit, her explanation does clear a few things up:

“She’s having a laugh, I feel like the whole thing with Ines is that nobody got it, it’s her sense of humour. Sometimes it can be really dry and a sometimes it can be a bit dirty but that’s just her sense of humour” - Martha added.

Hey, at least Ines is doing well – right?


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Written By Rosanna Lamotta

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