MAFS Producer Makes Shock Claims About The Show

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Do you believe it?

Like everyone else around the country, we can’t seem to stop watching Married At First Sight even though we know we shouldn’t be.

We’ve accepted that most of the show is probably fake and that many couples are matched just for the drama – but now a MAFS producer is trying to convince us we’ve got it wrong.

Speaking to, executive producer John Walsh has insisted that they genuinely match couples based on compatibility.

“It’s not in our interest to put someone nice with someone nasty. We want and need as many matches as possible to work over the show.”

“So it’s not in our interest to match people for drama. Because they could just drop out and then we have no show.”

As for the practically constant cheating, Mark says they don’t encourage it and, yeah pull the other one mate!

“When we changed it for season 4 into the group dynamic, we always knew (cheating) was going to be a possibility. If you put 20 people together who have virtually only just met their partner we knew that this could quite possibly happen."

“So while we don’t encourage it we knew it could happen, then it’s just a matter of how to deal with it.”

The next Married At First Sight commitment ceremony airs Sunday night on Channel 9.

Written By Cassie Crofts


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