MAFS Grooms Mike And Dean Get Heated Live On Air

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“Alright I think we’re done here…”

We’re currently smack-bang in the middle of the Married At First Sight finale. 

The latest couple to go through the reality TV grinder are Mike and Heidi. 

In last night’s episode, Mike declared his love for his bride. 

But viewers weren’t so convinced with his ‘performance’. 

Mike cleared the air while chatting with Fitzy And Wippa this morning, insisting he DID love Heidi (“in that moment”) and saying that he's “a one-woman” kind of guy. 

Whether that means they’re still together, we're not sure. 

But there was one person that called BS on Mike’s version of events: 2018 MAFS groom Dean Wells. 

The conversation started out pretty nicely, actually. 

Apparently, Mike is a huge fan of Dean’s:

“First of all, really nice to meet you, I’m actually a big fan of you - we men have to stick together,” Mike said. 

“Early on in the series people called me Dean 2.0 and I actually took that as a compliment. ‘Cause you spoke your mind, you were dead honest, you stuck up for your mates and those are qualities that I value.”

Nice, right? 

But things quickly took a turn when Dean asked:

“When you said ‘I love you’, when you went through those vows, was there a little bit of BS in that?”

“I had a lot of BS in mine,” Dean admitted, “There was pressure and I thought ‘I have to say I love you.’ Tracey is a great girl but I don't love her in that way.”

But then it got really intense:

“So how many girls have you banged wince the show?” Dean asked. 

“Alright Dean I think we’re done here buddy,” Mike said. 

“Come on man what are we gonna go, lowest common denominator? I don't think I’m gonna sink to that level buddy, unfortunately.”

Dean insisted it wasn’t intended as an insult but that he’s heard a lot of ~gossip~ on the ~streets~. 

“I ran into a lot of different people and I heard a lot of different stories,” he explained. 

Safe to say Mike wasn’t impressed. 

Check it out below: 

Images: MAFS / Channel Nine, Giphy / Giphy. 

Written By Krisinda Merhi

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