MAFS’ Elizabeth Reveals What Went Down Between Jess And Dan AFTER The Reunion

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“I don’t think they thought they’d be filmed from the get-go”

OK. Married At First Sight Australia may have come to a drama-filled end last night, but for Jess and Dan things just keep on heating up!

If you didn’t tune into the reunion last night (Seriously, what were you doing?!) Jess was confronted with her previous proposition to Nic and things, as usual, kicked off.

This morning, Fitzy and Wippa caught up with Liz, who appeared on Talking Married alongside Jess and Dan after the finale, and she spilled the tea on what really went down between the couple after this very awkward moment:

Fitz, being the legend that he is, asked Liz for the behind the scenes dirt and it’s safe to say we all saw this coming:

“There was Nic and Susie and I on the couch, cause they did a separate interview - Jess and Dan. So, it was brought up and I don’t think they thought they would be filmed from the get-go" - said Liz.

“So, in the break, were they actually just swearing at each other and having a real crack at each other?” – Fitzy asked.

Ummm, maybe”- Liz replied.

AND, when Sare asked if Liz thinks the couple went home in separate cars, the MAFS star revealed she wasn’t sure and hoped, that if there was genuine love between them, they could work through it.

Well, we don’t know about you guys, but we’ll definitely need to keep tabs on these two!


DRAMA!! Fitzy and Wippa’s MAFS rap battle with Jess, Dan, Cam, Jules, Mike, Ning and Mel might have been our best of all time!


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Written By Rosanna Lamotta


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