The Jonas Brothers Reveal Why The Band ACTUALLY Broke Up

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“Healing some of these wounds from that time actually opened the door for us to have a better relationship”.

After nearly 6 years of being split up, The Jonas Brothers have officially made their comeback and we’re still trying to process the amazing news!

This morning, the boys caught up with Fitzy and Wippa to chat about their number one hit ‘Sucker’ and even dished the dirt on whether they were likely to perform in Australia.

And, as thrilled as the team were to hear that the brothers had come back together, they couldn’t help but be a little curious about why they split up in the first place. We mean, they’re not alone, right?

Lucky for you guys, Nick filled us in on what really went down between them:

“Going back to when the group ended, it was a lot of contributing factors and it just was all those things combined plus timing and our lives and everything else, I think we just said ok this is the right time to shut this down before our relationship becomes toxic”.​

“We’re glad we made that choice because in the end, it ending up absolutely being the right thing. And, taking this journey we have now taken over the course of a year and a half, kind of healing some of these wounds from that time actually opened the door for us to have a better relationship, and be able to make some music now that we’re really proud of”- he added.

So, what made the lads get back together you ask? As it turns out, Joe’s time on The Voice Australia actually had a lot to do with it:

“The decision actually kind of happened around that time, a lot of what we were doing last year was shooting a documentary. And, we were just putting something together to tell the story of what we did for the last 10 years together and it slowly and quickly became a conversation what if we did this together again" - Joe said.

“And, part of that was like different levels of commitment for all of us and I was very shocked and surprised to see, especially Kevin out in Australia” - he added.

Well, we don’t know about you guys, but we’ll forever be taking credit for the fact that Aus brought these beautiful legends back together!

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Written By Rosanna Lamotta