Joe Jonas Knows More GOT Spoilers Than He's Letting On

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Spill that tea Joe...

The Series Finale of Game of Thrones is well and truly upon us (seriously, it’s just over a month away) and as we all eagerly wait in anticipation, we’d be lying if we said we were opposed to a few little spoilers – right?

So, when the Jonas Brothers caught up with Fitzy and Wippa this morning, how could they not ask Joe if his fiancé Sophie Turner (AKA Sansa Stark) let slip anything slip about the finale? Here’s the tea he spilled:

“I wish I even knew, because here’s the thing, Sophie, as much as I like could try to get out of her of the show [sic] I’m also such a big fan of the show that I don’t really want to know anything” – He said.

“ I don’t want it to be spoiled… I know little things but I would never say anything,  just because my allegiance to the show and I’m also such a big fan” – Joe added.

As for Nick and Kevin? Turns out they’re also big fans of GOT and, to our surprise, don’t know how the series ends either:

“We want it that way, we enjoy being able to hang out, watch it in real time, and freak out like everyone else so I’d rather watch it like that” – Kevin shared.

OK… So, the Jonas Brothers may be just as clueless as us (which isn’t the worst thing) but one thing the boys did reveal, was their plans to come back to Aus and we’re stoked about it!

“That’s one of our biggest regrets of the Jonas Brothers, was never being able to get to Australia to perform, so we’re going to make some waves with you guys” - said Kevin.

Hey, we’ll welcome the lads back anytime!

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