Jessika SLAMS The Married At First Sight Producers

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“At the time it was sort of, a bit of a push from you know, producers”.

Let’s face it, all of Australia is well and truly hooked on Married At First Sight Australia, and if you thought the departure of Ines and Sam meant the end of scandals and affairs for the experiment – you were very, very, wrong.

This morning, Fitzy and Wippa caught up with Jessika, who, after propositioning Nic and was caught kissing Dan (two people who aren’t her husband) has been at the centre of all things blowing up on the show.

The boys grilled Jessika on the situation, where she admitted that there’s a lot of things you don’t see on camera (shock!) and dished the dirt on what ACTUALLY went down between her and Nic at the dinner party - including a slight push from producers:

“I just wanted to bring him out and just ask how he was going [After the Cyrell fight] and then I did say you know I have developed feelings for you along the way. You know I do think Nic is good looking and he thinks I’m good looking” – she added.

“There is a lot you don’t see on camera which doesn’t make sense. But look um, in the sense of pursuing him within the experiment -  If I did get that response from him it’s not something I would have done.  At the time it was sort of a bit of a push from you know producers and things like that” – Jessika told the guys.




So, while the potential for a romance between Nic and Jessika may not have been as real as we thought, a romance between Jessika and Dan certainly is.

Fellow MAFS star Martha also chatted to the boys and confirmed that things are only looking to get more and more intense after Jessika “goes for it” with Dan.

Watch her drop the bombshell below:


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Written By Rosanna Lamotta


She kept Timm's ring!

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