James of The Bachelorette comments on rumours Sophie has split with her man

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Would he give it another shot?

ICYMI (how could you? It’s everywhere!) Sophie Monk performed the Bachie equivalent of shooting a puppy on Wednesday night when she sent all-around nice guy James home. 

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The news was pretty hard to take, for Australia and for James, who spoke with Fitzy & Wippa about the blow on Thursday morning:

“Just watching it, especially now, it does bring it up again but time kind of heals everything. Bit sort of rattled coming off of that but I think over time you get back to everyday life and move on,” he told the guys

But that doesn’t mean he has hard feelings towards the Bachelorette:

“She’s just a beautiful person inside and out and that shines through.”

Rumours have been circulating that Sophie and her chosen Bachelor have called it quits in the months following the show and Fitzy & Wippa spoke with James about the whispers… When asked if he would be keen to give it another shot with Soph, James shared that he’d prefer to stay mates:

“Look I haven’t even spoken [to Sophie]… it’s [the rumoured break-up] not something I could comment on. It would be awesome to catch up and be mates but if it was meant to be, I think it would have. She’s got her reasons for not choosing me and I respect her for that.” 

But it seems he’s still hurting...

James took to Instagram since the Wednesday’s episode of The Bachelorette and shared a lengthy post about how broken he felt after Sophie called time on their romance:

“…this is hard to share, but also really important for me as part of the healing process,” he wrote. 

“Soph, I'm so incredibly grateful to have met you, for the experiences & feelings we shared. You're an incredibly beautiful & compassionate human inside & out, I wish you all the best & know whatever decision you have made it'll be the best one for you, which makes me happy.”

He went on:

“I know the feelings & chemistry were real and watching it back on TV just re-confirms this for me... it didn't work out with us, and that's completely okay, if it were meant to be it would have been.. and I honestly have nothing but love & respect for you and hope more than anything we can turn our connection into one that's best mates as it'd be a shame to let it go completely.” 

He may not have won Sophie’s heart, but we’re pretty, pretty, pretty sure all of Australia has fallen pretty hard for this guy.

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Written By Stephanie Nuzzo

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