Ivan from The Bachelorette's racy past revealed

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Cards on the table, we knew there was something... funny about The Bachelorette evictee Ivan.

Maybe it was the wannabe Channing Tatum vibes? The floppy hair? Perhaps his proclivity for whole avocados?

Well folks, turns out it was something a little juicier.

The 'dancer' spoke with Nova's Fitzy & Wippa this morning, explaining his past dabble with topless waitering.

"That was something I done in my early twenties," he told Fitzy & Wippa.

"I did it for a few years on the weekend."

"Always just topless waitering," he stressed - without prompt...

According to Daily Mail Austraila, Ivan was a member of Magic Men Australia back in 2013. 

The website, which provides topless waiters and strippers across Australia, states: "Each Magic Man has the body, the moves and the charisma to excite and delight – delivering more than just a set routine.

"Our male strippers are also talented dancers, and will tailor a smart and sexy show to perfectly suit your tastes." 

A cringe-tastic image has emerged here, but below is what we believe is a more accurate representation:

Check out the full chat below:

Written By Ally Parker

“The risk is around 2 o’clock.”


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