Hugh Jackman Shares A Heart-Warming Message About His Kids

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“It’s one thing Deb and I have done right as parents…”

Let’s face it, apart from being a top Aussie bloke, Hugh Jackman is extremely talented. And, after recently sending the world into meltdown with the announcement of his new global stage-show, Fitzy and Wippa caught up with the legend this morning to celebrate!

Hugh opened about ‘The Man, The Music, The Show’ tour and even gave us a sneak peek into what we can expect from it all – and yes, it sounds EPIC:

“I’m definitely stepping up the dancing, lots of dancing and I think having all those ‘Greatest Showman’ songs -  you know a lot of them have a lot of dancing in it and I’ve got the choreographer from 'The Greatest Showman'. He’s doing those numbers so it’s going to be a bit of a party” – he said.

'The Greatest Showman' star also revealed that his family will be joining him on tour, and had nothing but sweet, sweet, words to say about his kids and their Aussie heritage:

They [his family] will be coming and definitely down here to Australia and New Zealand. It’s one thing Deb and I have done right as parents, both my kids identify as Aussie’s and they love coming back”- Hugh shared.

Hugh, you and your family will always be Aussies to us – come back anytime!


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Written By Rosanna Lamotta

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