Did Liz From MAFS Just Let Slip About ANOTHER Wife-Swap?

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Wait… WHAT?!

After the truth about Ines and Sam finally came out at last night’s commitment ceremony, it’s safe to say we thought Liz from Married At First Sight might not be having the best time at the moment.

But when she dropped into the studio with Fitzy & Wippa this morning, the 27-year-old bounced in happy as ever.

While she wouldn’t outright confirm she’s seeing someone, her face when asked if she’s dating someone says it all – along with her assertion that’s she’s “very happy”. Despite receiving some interesting messages from Ines and ex-husband Sam!

So, who could this mystery man be? Well, the blonde bombshell was VERY quick to answer that, out of all the grooms, Bronson would be her pick. 

Watch the full chat below.

Written By Cassie Crofts


“I was scream-crying on the floor!”

Congratulations, guys!!!