Did Liz Just Reveal The REAL Reason Sam Didn’t Rock Up To The MAFS Reunion

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“I wasn’t meant to know….” 

It’s official. The social experiment that is Married at First Sight Australia has officially come to an end, and we don’t know what to do with ourselves.

In case you missed it, the gang came back together for two final reunion episodes and as promised, it was nothing short of drama, confrontation and well, fireworks!

But, one person who was noticeably absent from the couch was Sam Ball, and his former wife Elizabeth was NOT happy about it.

This morning, Fitzy and Wippa caught up with the MAFS star to discuss everything that went down during the show, and she even spilled the tea on why Sam was likely to not show up:

“Two weeks prior to the reunion being filmed, we all started our interviews and then someone that was interviewing me said, how do you feel when he [Sam] basically shamed your weight, so, I wasn’t really meant to know” – said Elizabeth.

“So, basically at the dinner party, I was ready just to go in on him and just say well how can you do that, but not in an aggressive manner, in a manner to say look that’s not right you can’t put that out there. Not only saying about me, but what message is that conveying to all the women out there, not only women but men as well”.

But, wait it gets even more INTERESTING…

I was told that you know, he didn’t even really want to come to the dinner party, that he didn’t want to be there, so I needed to go easy on him so that’s why at the dinner party I said you know I’ll give him his serve at the commitment ceremony. So, I was not surprised that he didn’t show up because he’s a weasel and he wants everybody to love him” - Liz added.

Liz also revealed that she hadn’t been in contact with either Ines or Sam since the show wrapped,  but wishes Ines all the best.

Hey, at least they were able to make amends – right?


DRAMA!! Fitzy and Wippa’s  MAFS rap battle with Jess, Dan, Cam, Jules, Mike, Ning and Mel might have been our best of all time!​


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Written By Rosanna Lamotta