Dan From MAFS Shares Behind-The-Scenes Goss About Dinner Party

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 "She had a few drinks in her"

There’s only one word to describe last night’s dinner party on Married At First Sight Australia – MASSIVE!

It was the last dinner party before the couples exchange their final vows, and trust us when we say the gloves were well and truly off!

Especially for Jess and Dan and their well, rather interesting exchange of ‘I love you’s'...

Dan caught up with Fitzy and Wippa this morning to chat about the awkward moment, and he even spilled the tea on how it ACTUALLY went down at the dinner table:

“Before that, me and Jess had been sort of like umming and ahing about saying it to each other while we were chilling out at the hotel room… I think Jess was saying yesterday she had a few drinks, she had a few cocktails into her and she was like I’m just gonna come out and say it" - Dan said.

"In that dinner party that you probably see, it’s quite confronting saying things in front of the whole group, you’ve got everyone sitting there looking at you, but looking back at it now I probably should’ve said it sooner rather than stall it” - he added.


As for how Dan really feels about Jessika’s ongoing beef with Mike? The MAFS star explained that there were parts to that chat which weren’t shown on camera and it involved him actually defending her:

“I was with Jess last night, we were sitting back watching and she was a little bit upset about the way things went on at the dinner party last night with Mike" -  Dan told us.

“I know they’ve had a running battle for a while now and there is a lot of things that obviously gets aired off camera that you don’t get to see. And with that scene, in particular, Jess did come to me and tell me about it and you didn’t see me actually sort of having her back on camera, they just didn’t show that bit” - he added.

Will the drama ever end?

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Written By Rosanna Lamotta