The Bachelorette’s Paddy drops bombshell about Charlie

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Paddy and the Bachelorette boys

We KNEW it!

The Bachelorette’s Paddy was kicked off the dating show on Thursday night and joined Nova’s Fitzy & Wippa in the studio on Friday morning to reveal more about his time on the show.

The gym manager revealed that he’s still single, joking on the show that he had more of a connection with the alpaca in the Bach Pad backyard than with Ali Oetjen.

The boys asked Paddy what kind of girl he’s looking for and he revealed he’s looking for someone who’s genuine and family oriented, revealing he and Ali actually had a deeper connection than we saw.

But the big Bachelorette news of the last week has been Charlie Newling dating former Bachelor contestant Dasha Gaivoronski, and the boys and Sarah needed answers about whether they were on or off! 

Sarah asked Paddy:

“Have you seen Charlie and Dasha since it’s all ended?”

Paddy confirmed they were together, saying:

“Yeah, I’m really close with Charlie, we talk every day. It is what it is to be honest… It was a bit of a spoiler, but they look good together. I FaceTimed them the other day.”

Wippa asked Paddy how the couple met to which he responded:

“I don’t know, I think they just hit each other up on Instagram to be honest mate.” 

Fitzy joked that he was pretty sure it would have been Charlie getting in touch with Dasha rather than the other way around. 

“Yeah, I think you’re right there to be honest.”

There we go, the rumours are true! Charlie himself told Now To Love that he and Dasha are simply “good friends”, but we wouldn’t be surprised if he was just trying to get us off the scent!

Image: Paddy Colliar/Instagram


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Written By Marni Dixit