EXCLUSIVE: The Bachelorette's Jess Responds To Backlash

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"I was trying to be fun."

Last night's The Bachelorette saw Angie tell Jess Glasgow - a Noosa-based city councillor - that she didn't trust him and he had to leave.

It was glorious (for her, and for us at home).

For Jess? Not so much.

Since his exit, the Mayor of Noosa Tony Wellington has come out, revealing the council weren't aware of Jess' involvement in the series, nor is he happy with his behaviour.

Speaking to Nova's Fitzy & Wippa, Tony labelled Jess' behaviour as "misogynistic" and "not on". 

"He certainly wasn't acting on behalf of Noosa council but referenced his role on Noosa council which he shouldn't have done," he told Nova, adding that Jess had "conflated" his role.

"He is a councillor on the Noosa council, as such, he is not an employee and cannot be fired," he explained, adding that despite this he didn't see "a future on the council" for Jess.

"I told him that my recommendation was that he resign from his position as councillor on Noosa council."

The team contacted Jess himself to hear his side of things.

Here's a little recap if you missed what went down:

"As you can imagine, it's World War III but yeah," he told Fitzy & Wippa when asked how he was.

"It's not me at all: it's reality TV," he continued. 

"I sincerely apologise. I never, ever meant for the words to come out that way... I was trying to be fun..." he added, explaining he was a "naturally flirtatious guy" and forgot cameras were rolling some of the time.

"[I'm] Truly sorry. Angie deserves a hell of a lot more than that, every woman does."

You can watch the full chat below:

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