Terry Crews Is Gunning For The Role Of Triton In Little Mermaid Remake

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We're not mad at it.

The Little Mermaid remake was gifted its first big casting decision last week: Halle Bailey as Ariel.

It was welcome news for those who stan not only the actress, but Disney remakes - and boy, there are a lot of 'em - alike.

And now? 

Oh, no biggie. Just Terry Crews of White Chicks and Brooklyn Nine-Nine fame gunning for the role of King Triton.

The 50-year-old announced his bid for the role with an image of him with the trident and tail:

The news comes after some controversy (see: Twitter storm in a teacup) about the casting of Halle with the hashtag #NotMyAriel trending for a hot minute.

This has, thankfully, largely calmed down with the angry mob finally realising fish are void of race.

Awkwafina, of Crazy Rich Asians and TBH, a pretty fire rap game on YouTube, has reportedly been cast as seagull Scuttle and ET report Melissa McCarthy as in talks to play Ursula. 

Add Terry to the mix?

Image: Brooklyn Nine-Nine


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Written By Ally Parker