Zac Efron has changed his look and fans are NOT happy

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Zac Efron

Zac Efron has been a consistently Perfect-Looking Dude for years now.

So when fans realised he'd had a make-over - they were NOT having it.

Zac shared an image of himself rock climbing to Instagram - but people were more interested in the tuft of bright platinum hair protruding from his beanie.

Images: Zac Efron / Instagram

His blonde secret wasn't under wraps for long - a fan snapped him around the same time with his new goldilocks out for the world to see:

But it's just hair dye, right? Wrong.

But a Zefron stan is a stan for life:

We'll take Zac with any hair, pretty much. He was even cute during this infamous outing:

Love u Zef.

Images: Getty / Zac Efron / Kelsey Merrit / Instagram

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