Your imaginary boyfriend from the early noughties is joining Riverdale

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Thank the heavens!

Riverdale fans, rejoice because the show is about to get a very swoon-worthy addition. 

As Teen Vogue has reported, showrunners from the uber-popular series have announced that none other than your imaginary boyfriend from the early naughties, Chad Michael Murray, will be joining the cast. 

Michael Murray is set to take on the role of cult leader, Edgar Evernever -Evelyn Evernever's dad. 

Entertainment Weekly has reported that Michael Murray's character is slated to be a recurring one for the series. Which is great news for those of you who loved him in One Tree Hill, A Cinderella Story and Freaky Friday.

...And you'd better believe he is looking just as fine as he did 16 years ago. 

I mean, just look at him:

This, combined with the news that Riverdale is getting a musical spinoff makes for a pretty freaking exciting year for the show, don't ya think?

Image: Netflix

Written By Stephanie Nuzzo