Your favourite celebs are sharing their first headshots and they are GOLD

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Melissa McCarthy, you slay us. 

This week, we learnt that Old Headshot Day was a thing (it falls on April 27th in case you want to get involved next time) for all entertainment-industry-types and thank Christ it is because it has filled our weekend with all kinds of awkward/hilarious/adorable throwbacks from our favourite celebs. 


The hashtags #FirstHeadShot and #OldHeadshotDay have taken over our social media feeds, encouraging actors, musicians, authors and all other kinds of public personalities to share their very first headshot photos and oh my, has it offered up some GOLD. 

Being the generous folk that we are, we've decided to collect a few of the very best snaps that have made their way onto the Internet and share them here for y'all. 


1. Sarah Michelle Gellar feat. some “sweet bangs”:


2. Baby Reese Witherspoon, who looks EXACTLY like adult Reese Witherspoon (slash, her daughter Ava):

3. Viola Davis lookin’ glam as ever:

4. Your first imaginary boyfriend, Devon Sawa

5. Joseph Gordon-Levitt, who may have been the cutest child, ever:

6. Jake Johnson and his serious ‘stache:


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7. Melissa McCarthy, who once rocked a tiny cowboy hat:

8. Chris Colfer and his adorable lil’ freckles:

#FirstHeadShot #OldHeadShotDay

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9. Little Nick Jonas:

10. Drew Barrymore in a Mickey Mouse Club hat:

#oldheadshotday I’m joining in on the fun.

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11. Edgar Ramirez, who has very clearly always been a catch: 

Circa 2003 #oldheadshotday #caciqueforever #chocoforever

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Gold, right? We told you!

Image: Instagram

Written By Stephanie Nuzzo

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