Your boyfriend Noah Centineo just revealed who he's crushing on right now

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We ship the hell out of this! 

Since he exploded onto the scene, and into our hearts, with his role in To All The Boys I've Loved Before, Noah Centineo has well and truly established himself as the heartthrob of the moment. 

The 22-year-old, who has often been compared to a young Mark Ruffalo (personally I'm still here for the OG Mark Ruffalo, but anyway...) has folks everyone swooning over him, but until now, we haven't heard much about who he might be interested in.

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That changed this weekend.

Centineo left a comment on the Instagram account of manager and former agent Nick Styne revealing that he very much digs Selena Gomez.

Styne shared a throwback photo of himself and the musician, and Centineo commented, "Bahhhhh she's gorgeous". 

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Obviously, the Internet immediately lost its mind and now everyone wants Selineo (?) to happen IRL. 

"Date her she's beautiful," wrote one fan.

"I SHIPPPP," shared another.

"GET ON IT," said a third.

Long story, short - everyone is planning their wedding already.

Whether or not these two have ever actually met, we have no clue. But we must admit, they'd look pretty cute together. 

...As long as Centineo is done with that alleged ghosting thing, we'd be down to ship this pairing. 

Image: Instagram, Comedy Central

Written By Stephanie Nuzzo

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