Young Andy Got A Major Glow Up In Toy Story 4 And Social Media Is Losing Its Mind

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We have a theory. 

Yesterday we got our first glimpse at Toy Story 4 and it gave us all the feels. 

The moment God Only Knows by the Beach Boys started playing in the trailer is the exact moment we started to piss tears.


The trailer really plays on the nostalgia factor and, after almost 25 years and four movies, we get it. 

But there’s one particular “awww” moment in the trailer that might not be what we initially thought. 

You know the cute flashback of a young Andy playing with Woody in his childhood bedroom? (For reference it’s at about 1:59 in the trailer). 

Well, something is going on with Andy’s face and we gotta talk. 

Did he get plastic surgery? 

Did Pixar forget what Andy looks like?

Or did they just give him a glow-up? (25 years means the animation has seriously improved). 

He looks like a totally different kid! But our theory is exactly that; maybe he IS a different kid. 

If you look closely you’ll notice that not only is Andy’s entire bone structure different, but so is the wallpaper in the room (it’s stars, not clouds like in the original Toy Story) and his clothes AND the surrounding furniture.

Our theory is that maybe this isn’t Andy, but Andy’s own kid. Maybe the story finally comes full circle and Woody, Buzz and friends get to make Andy happy again by making his son happy. 

Maybe the people at Pixar are actual evil masterminds trying to make us feel things. 

Think about it. 

Images: Toy Story / Toy Story 4 / Pixar, Giphy / Giphy.


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