Ye Humble Pancake Has Supposedly Healed The Rift Between Kylie and Jordyn

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The power of comfort food. 

The Jordan Woods x Tristan Thompson x Khloe Kardashian saga almost broke us. 

Like… we still don’t fully understand what happened. 

Do we believe Khloe? Or Jordyn? Where’s Tristan in all of this? 

Was it all a marketing ploy by Kris Jenner (which wouldn’t surprise us, tbh)

And most importantly, what happens to Kylie and Jorydn’s sister-friendship? Because their bond was genuinely beautiful. 

I mean, you don’t just marry anyone. 

Your worrying (okay, OUR worrying) is over dear friends, because Kylie and Jordyn were spotted having make-up breakfast. 

Because if anything can solve your problems it’s greasy food first thing in the morning. 

We know what you're thinking: ‘That girl could be anyone’. 

Aaaand you’re right. She has her back to the camera, her hair is covering her face, and the internet has a tendency to get over excited. 

But eyewitnesses at the pancake joint told E!News that it was indeed Kylie and Jordyn.

“It seemed very casual and they both were having a discussion together while eating,” they told the publication. 

While we really want to believe pancakes have healed the rift between Kylie and Jordyn, some people aren’t so convinced. 

For one, no amount of sweet fluffy breakfast food can erase what Jordyn did.

More convincingly, people think the girl in the picture is actually Kylie’s friend Heather Sanders. 

AKA this chick: 

Fans were also quick to note that Jordyn recently chopped all her hair off, so it can’t be her having brekkie with Kylie. 

We’ll remain happily in denial, thank you very much.  

If pancakes can fill bellies and fix broken hearts, they can mend a broken friendship. 

Images: Kylie Jenner / Instagram, Giphy / Giphy. 


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Written By Krisinda Merhi