Will Smith Slams Son Jaden After Aladdin Premiere

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"We were on the red carpet waiting for him..."

The Aladdin premiere was a big night for superstar Will Smith.

He wanted this loved ones to be there and support this night of nights, however one (and a pretty important one) family member was missing. 

Smith called out his son Jaden on social media for turning up late to the premiere of Disney's live action adaptation of the 1992 animated classic.

The fam (minus Jaden) were all seen taking pics, however noticeably absent from the lineup was 20-year-old Jaden and in an Instagram post on Thursday, the rapper shared a personal video from the evening, taken in a backstreet alleyway, in which he called out the youngster for his poor timekeeping.

"We were on the red carpet waiting for him as a family (at 6pm). We're in a freaking alley behind the theatre, this is not a time for a family photo!" said Will, speaking directly into the camera. "We had the best photographers in the world waiting for us on the red carpet!"

Jaden was quick to interrupt the 50-year-old, insisting: 

"It was 6:00. I was here at 6:15!"

The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air star provided timestamped proof of his son's tardiness, and snapped back: 

"You were not!"

In the caption of the post, however, Will made light of the situation, writing: 

"Hey Elon Musk, can you make Bigger Clocks in the next Tesla so @c.syresmith can be on time for my next premiere?"

Although the family didn't manage a group snap from the red carpet, they made up for it with a bad a** shot in a back alley.

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