Why people think Meghan and Harry are having twins

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Meghan Markle and her royal baby bump are currently in Sydney enjoying the last few days of the Invictus Games.

Now the 37-old-mother-to-be, who has already had her 12-week-scan, is rumoured to be expecting twins.


Here are the two reasons behind this delicious new rumour:

1: Purple folder-gate

Before Meghan and Harry announced they were expecting, Meghan stepped off the plane after landing in Australia holding a purple folder.

Hang on - there were TWO purple folders.

Does that mean there are two babies on the way?! It's a stretch.

In related news, Officeworks reported a 75 percent increase in purple folder sales 24 hours after Meghan was spotted clutching the unlikely accessories.

2. She's showing

Apparently this baby bump is rather large for somebody still quite early into her pregnancy. Does this look like two tiny twins to you?

Harry was careful to mention the forthcoming arrival in the singular, during a speech at an Aussie reception:

"We genuinely couldn't think of a better place to announce the upcoming baby, whether it's a boy or a girl."

Better Health points out that mothers in their 30s and 40s are more likely to have twins, due to carrying a larger amount of oestrogen to their younger counterparts. Black African women also have the highest incidence of twin births - Meghan's half African-American heritage could give her that extra chance.

Our hunch is that the Palace would have announced twins the second two little bods became apparent, don't you?

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Written By Hayley