Why people are furious about the ending of A Star Is Born

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Spoiler alert: This post totally spoils the ending of the movie.


Additional content warning: This post discusses suicide and may be triggering for some people.

The 2018 reboot of A Star Is Born has been a massive success, already swamped with Oscar buzz and effectively relaunching the career of Lady Gaga.

But many fans have blasted the classic tearjerker, taking issue with the way the film ended.

The Bradley Cooper/Lady Gaga remake is the fourth reboot of the classic Hollywood tale - it was originally made in 1937, starring Janet Gaynor and Fredric March followed by a 1954 version starring Judy Garland and James Mason - and rebooted again in 1976 with Barbra Streisand and Kris Kristofferson.

Anyone familiar with the first three movies knows that the male lead dies at the end of the film.

But while the male lead in the first two films walks into the beach and drowns, and 1976's male lead is killed in a car crash - Bradley Cooper's character takes his own life - in a scene that is harrowingly, graphically acted out on screen.

Disappointed fans wondered why the film didn't carry a trigger warning, ahead of this unexpected, triggering twist on the story's original ending:

Oscar nominations will be announced in January - with Gaga eligible for three Oscar nominations for her performance - Best Actress and up to two nods for Best Original Song.

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