Whoa! Liz Hurley and her son Damian look like identical twins in new family pics

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Can't tell who is who!

It's no secret that Liz Hurley has somehow stumbled upon the secret to eternal youth. Like, she looks better at 52 than most people look at 22, and that's counting the fact that she has a 16-year-old son, Damian.

And that brings us to the latest bit of evidence that Liz is some divine being carrying the next stage in human genes: she and Damian look virtually identical.

It's one thing to be as stunning as she is. It's another thing completely to have your 16-year-old son grow up to look like your twin.

Seriously, here's a new photo of Liz:

And here's a photo of Damian that was shared at almost exactly the same time (and presumably taken at the exact same spot):

Uncanny, right?

We're not sure whether to label them mother and son, brother and sister, or the exact same person but simply wearing different clothes.

Perhaps the best way of looking at this is best described by this Twitter user:

Image: Liz Hurley/Instagram


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