What the? Tracey Jewel is moving across the country without her daughter?

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Married At First Sight Tracey Dean

“We are moving to Melbourne!”

If you’ve been following along at home, you’d be aware that after a drama-filled journey with Dean on Married At First Sight, Tracey Jewel has found love with fellow contestant Sean Thomsen

In a recent interview with New Idea, the couple (who are both originally from Perth) revealed that they are moving to Melbourne together. But that Jewel's daughter would not be moving with them. 

Jewel told the publication that while she will move to Melbourne without her daughter Grace, eight, she will see her as often as possible:

“We are moving to Melbourne!” She said. 

“When we move there, I want to focus on my writing and Sean’s almost qualified as a personal trainer. I’ll travel to Perth regularly to see my daughter and she’ll come here on school holidays.”

A number of fans were quick to slam the reality TV star for the comments, taking to her Instagram account to criticise the choice:

“Are you actually leaving your daughter? If so. How can you do that. She is so young still. She needs her mum. Very selfish,” wrote one. 

“I don’t believe the stories, as a Mum you know to put your little girl first and how detrimental it would be to Grace to have her Mum move so far away with a strange man she’s only just met. I think these allegations would go against everything you believe as a mum,” shared another. 

“You have confirmed you’re leaving your daughter behind in Perth? Seriously? This blows my mind! Children come first.... if true, this is really sad and not gossip mag fodder. I hope you reconsider,” said a third.

However, others pointed out (rightly) that the public is not privy to the circumstances that led to Jewel's choice. 

The mother-of-one has since poked fun at all the media attention she has received off the back of MAFS, sharing a photo to Instagram of gossip mags covered with rumours. 

As the caption she wrote:

“Monday Magday #coffeeneeded #mondayfunday #dontbelieveeverythingyouread @newideamagazine @okmagaustralia @womansdayaus” 

It's pretty clear that we don't have the entire picture when it comes to Jewel's personal life, both as a mother and a partner, so we can't really be sure what's going on, here... But let us leave you with this: isn't it interesting that we can't remember any outrage about the news that MAFS groom Telv Williams (also a parent) was planning to move to Melbourne when his family is based in Perth?

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