This Is What Jordyn Woods Reportedly Told Jada Pinkett Smith In Her Interview

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Jordyn Woods

“Jordyn assumed it was going to blow over."

By now we all know that Jordyn Woods' Red Table Talk appearance with Jada Pinkett Smith will air Friday (US time, early Saturday morning our time), where she will tell her side of the story about her hookup with Tristan Thompson. 

Sources who know what took place during Jordyn and Jada's conversation have told TMZ what to expect from the conversation and it seems like she is contradicting earlier "strong" facts.

Jordyn will apparently say that she wasn't drunk when everything happened, despite the fact sources have previously said she was heavily intoxicated when she and Tristan hooked up.

She also confirms the fact she and Tristan only made out and is taking full responsibility for it now. She apparently previously tried to make it seem as though she was only at Tristan's to ensure no other girls stayed over. 

A source has told Us Weekly that the only reason Jordyn is doing the interview is because of how much drama the whole situation has caused.

“If this wasn’t a news story, Jordyn wouldn’t be apologizing."

“Jordyn assumed it was going to blow over."

The source added that Jordyn's concern was "elevated" after the "public outcry"

After it was made public, Jordyn was thrown out of Kylie Jenner's guesthouse and has been banned from any Kardashian/Jenner business ventures. 

TMZ reports that after Jordyn told her story to Jada she felt a lot better about her future.

Not long to go now before we hear it for ourselves, folks!

Image: Jordyn Woods/Instagram

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