We've found some old photos of Davina that prove eyebrows are made, not born

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Davina Rankin

We finally know what she used to look like!

We've uncovered quite a bit about Davina's past since this season's MAFS began.

We've seen her promo girl shots from her Monster Energy Drink days, her Big Brother cameo and no make-ups days.

And now, we present to you, the glory that is a non-augmented (but very bleached) Davina from her Zoo Magazine days.

It's not the first time we've seen photos from her glamour model days, but they're certainly some of the most jarring when compared to her current form.

Images show Davina with bleach blonde hair, no real eyerbrows to speak of modeling a red bikini for the magazines' 2009 national swimsuit finals.

You can view them here.

Written By Ally Parker
Logan and Veronica

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