We've been treated to a rare photo of Prince Louis and oh my, it's adorable

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It's been about four months since we last saw him.

Royal parents Kate Middleton and Prince William have famously been pretty private when it comes to their third-born, Prince Louis. Which, y'know, considering how closely scrutinised their every move is, and the fact that he's an infant is pretty understandable...

Since his birth in April, the public has only glimpsed the bub a handful of times, the last being after his christening in July

Thanks to a documentary on Prince Charles' life, however, we've been treated to another peak at the little royal. 

In celebration of Charles' 70th birthday, the BBC put together a documentary on his life and during filming a photo was taken of the heir to the throne, Kate Middleton and Prince Louis. 

While we only get a glimpse of Louis in the snap, it's clear to see he's as adorable as his siblings and growing fast! 

We've got to say, this is quite a precious moment they've captured, isn't it? 

"The cute moment was just one of the many intimate events filmed by the crew of film-maker John Bridcut, who gained a unique insight of the prince’s life, personality and affection following him around for 12 months," reports The Express.

You can check out the documentary on the BBC website here.

Image: Instagram

Written By Stephanie Nuzzo